Competitions 2018

Digital images must be sized as per the PSNZ guidelines to no more than 1620 (horizontal) by 1080 (vertical) pixels.

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2018 Competition Details

Portrait: 7th May 2018

Pictures of one or more people or animals, showing something of their personality, character, activities etc. The fundamental purpose of Portraiture is to furnish a complete and satisfactory likeness of the sitter – the true Portrait then should present a complete and satisfactory representation of the contours and graduations of the face; it should be as fully descriptive as possible of the sitter’s character; and it should be a picture of such nature as to be critically pleasing to one who is unacquainted with the original. (it should be noted that animals may not be acceptable in national competitions).

PJ: 26th March 2018 (Closed)

The subject matter must portray photojournalism in the opinion of the Judge. Generally this consists of story telling pictures (or sequences) such as seen in the news media and in periodicals. They will include documentary, sport, spot news, human interest and contemporary life portrayal subjects. Special interest is usually given to pictures depicting man and his world. There is to be no manipulation of the photograph that alters the truth of the photographic statement.

1st Open: 19th February 2018 (Closed)

An open competition can be any subject matter (close-ups, people, landscape, seascape, buildings etc.) It can be anything that you have photographed that interests you.