The Committee may alter these rules as the need arises.

All new members will be issued with a copy of the rules and competition entry form, when their subscriptions are paid. Subscriptions MUST be paid before the end of March (unless prior arrangement has been made with the treasurer). Only financial members will be eligible to enter competitions.

Each club member may enter any combination of 4(four) photographs (prints or projected images) in each competition. If two competitions are run at the same time (eg Open and set subject) then 3 (three) photographs (prints or projected images) may be entered in each competition.

Only original photographs taken by members will be eligible for competitions. Any work submitted that has been directly copied from a book, magazine or from someone else’s work will be disqualified.

Optically created images, conventional or digital, manipulated or enhanced, either by darkroom, electronic processing or art working, are acceptable for entry.

Images generated solely by electronic means (e.g. fractals etc.) are not eligible for entry into Kaiapoi Photographic Club competitions. Final acceptance is at the discretion of the committee.
Any photographic material entered into any competition that is deemed to be of an objectionable nature will be referred to the committee for a decision on its suitability.


An entry form must accompany prints and projected images entered for each competition. Competition entry forms for prints are available from the secretary, and an on-line entry form is available to upload your digital images at the Kaiapoi Photographic Club website. This form will be completed with details such as name, grade and list of titles of entries.

Do NOT put your name on any print. Short titles are preferred unless it is a Natural History image where the Latin name is preferable. These should be on the back of the print.


The dimensions for projected images are maximum 1620 pixels on the horizontal and a maximum of 1080 pixels on the vertical side. Images should be saved as JPEG and ideally sRGB colour space.

When naming your PI’s, please use the title only.


It is recommended that all prints submitted for judging be mounted to protect the print.
Put titles on the back of the mounted photograph, in the middle of what will be the “top” side.
The size of the prints entered is at the discretion of the individual member. The maximum size including the mount is to measure no more than 16 x 20 inches – 40.6 x 50.8cms – this is for postage reasons.