Preparing Digital Projected Images

(Adapted from the CPS website)

Image Media: Use the upload form available from the Kaiapoi Photographic Club web page or hand a USB drive to the competition secretary with a completed manual entry form also available for the competition secretary

File Names: File should be named with your photo name only. (New)

E.g. If I have an entry called “Evening Clouds” my file name will be Evening_Clouds.jpg

FORMAT: 1620 pixels Horizontal, 1080 pixels Vertical, .JPG files only.

IMAGE SIZE: Your image should fit within a rectangle 1620 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall. That’s the highest resolution of any projector we use. Jamming more pixels into the image won’t make it look any better, but could slow down reading the files.

Most Compact Digital camera’s take pictures at a ratio of 4:3 which is the same ratio that the projector projects images at.

To see size in pixels in Photoshop go to IMAGE > SIZE and then look at the size in pixels, not inches. There is no maximum or minimum size, however we suggest not bigger than about 3,000 pixels on a side since:-
a.) the system re-samples them back down to 1,024 x 768 or 800 x 600 anyway, and
b.) bigger images make bigger files and slow everything down. They won’t look any better.

Feel free to bring smaller images, just beware that they probably won’t fill the screen.
It is essential therefore to resize files from a digital camera since the original files are larger and may slow things down reading from the Projector.

FILE SIZE: No specific requirement, although when you follow all these directions you should wind up with files of a couple of hundred kB and certainly less than 1MB. A meg or two isn’t bad, but 10 or 20 MB is way too big.

To Summarize.

For some cameras, the projector probably is squarer than your photos. If you bring your images directly from your SLR camera you won’t fill the screen; the shots will be too short vertically.

Aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height. Computers and projectors have a 4:3 ratio, while SLRs have a wider, shorter 3:2 ratio.

Camera images are wider and shorter than computer screens. If you project an image from an SLR camera it will be squeezed to fit:

Uncropped from SLR camera (3:2 ratio) Cropped to 4:3 ratio to fill screen

If you crop off a little from the sides it will fill the screen.


Use Photoshop’s Marquee tool, select FIXED ASPECT RATIO, set it to 4:3, drag the Marquee tool to select your crop, go to IMAGE > CROP, and now your image is the shape that will fill the screen.

Resize to 1620 x 1080, sharpen at 150%, 0.3 pixel radius, 0 threshold, save as JPG, and you’re done.

Non-SLR cameras often shoot in 4:3 ratio.